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Lee Davies

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Welcome to the ‘micro moment’ - How the smartphone has changed the way you market forever

The biggest revolution in marketing has taken place. It’s not multichannel, it’s not augmented reality or apps - it’s the micro moment.

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Does database size really matter?

For years email subscribers were just a commodity - a tool used to achieve more sales. But in most businesses, sales targets are relentless - coming..

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The Predictor - How to take your next steps in email marketing…

Well done - you’re part of the elite group of marketers we call ‘The Predictors’.

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The Recommender - How to take your next steps in email marketing…

You’ve come a long way from where you were. You’re no longer stuck sending one-size-fits-all broadcasts. You’ve grown your database and you know that..

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The Segmenter - How to take your next steps in email marketing...

Advice is always better when it's personal. Tailored to your needs and circumstances - from someone who knows what you're capable of.

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