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The lessons Netflix is giving us in Big Data…

Data isn't sexy. Last time I opened Excel I didn't get a thrill.

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Trust me, I’m a marketer: What consumers really think about data.

We love data. We can’t get enough of it - always striving for more to gain a better insight into our customers.

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Does database size really matter?

For years email subscribers were just a commodity - a tool used to achieve more sales. But in most businesses, sales targets are relentless - coming..

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Blowing out the cobwebs: How to spring clean your email marketing

Spring is finally here, the sun is warming us up and the flowers have begun to bloom. In the bright light of day, you might have noticed a little bit..

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By Becky Hesilrige In Data, location based technologies, Technology Posted December 16, 2015

How 5 big brands are using location based technologies

Companies are scrambling to keep up with the rapidly evolving ways consumers make purchase decisions. Brick-and-mortar stores have yet to find a way to..

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