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Our top tips for creating great basket abandonment campaigns

Sadly for retailers, the vast majority of people will leave an eCommerce site without purchasing anything.

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By Jaicee Matthews In email automation, retail email Posted May 03, 2016

Solve the most common email problems with email automation

Over half of all B2B companies cite email marketing as their most effective marketing channel for generating revenue, but if your business is failing..

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Trigger happy - our guide to email automation success

It can be all too easy to become trigger happy with email marketing.

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20 email automation opportunities that improve customer relationships

Wouldn't it be great if you could catch every single one of your customers at just the right time and send them each the perfect message? Well, it’s..

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How to build relationships with your subscribers from the start

With the inbox being an increasingly saturated place, marketers are continuously having to strive to find new ways to engage with newly subscribed..

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