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20 email automation opportunities that improve customer relationships

Wouldn't it be great if you could catch every single one of your customers at just the right time and send them each the perfect message? Well, it’s..

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Never give up! Five tips for re-engaging with non-openers

No matter how much time you spend collecting email subscribers, carefully segmenting them into personalised groups and crafting engaging and..

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So, how do you measure email engagement?

Email marketing is easily measured; email engagement is a bit tougher. It goes deeper than the key metrics (delivery, opens and clicks) presented in..

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By Cherry Younger In email engagement, Engagement Posted April 17, 2015

You've got their attention, now get interaction: How to build engagement through email marketing

There's only one reason to perform email marketing, isn't there? Yep - sales. Oh, and to generate website visits, obviously. Oh, and you'll want to..

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DMA Email Customer Lifecycle: Engagement and Retention

Last Tuesday, the Pure360 gang attended part three of the DMA series of email lifecycle marketing seminars, which this time was on Engagement and..

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