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6 ways to make your email irresistible (that you haven't already tried!)

In an age of saturated inboxes and spam filters smart enough to join MENSA, how do we make email marketing irresistible? We need to become more..

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By Paul Edge In email design, email marketing, Design, Email Strategy Posted August 07, 2015

Smartphones are the most popular way to get online – but what does that mean for email marketing?

We use them every day; many of us won’t leave the house without them; they spend most of their time in our pockets; and now, what many of us have..

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By Jaicee Matthews In Design, Email Strategy Posted July 31, 2015

DIY email marketing design: As template editing software evolves, how will the lives of marketers change?

Over the years, the role of a marketer has evolved alongside the technology available. Direct mail was once the dominant marketing platform, making the..

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The biggest issues in email marketing design that all marketers face – and how to resolve them

Arguably the most frustrating thing for an email marketer is the waiting around. You wait for your email to be designed before you can get it out, you..

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The Pure360 Drag & Drop Editor is here!

We are very excited to announce that today our Drag & Drop Editor is out of closed beta and available for our customers to use.

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