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The lessons Netflix is giving us in Big Data…

Data isn't sexy. Last time I opened Excel I didn't get a thrill.

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The Segmenter - How to take your next steps in email marketing...

Advice is always better when it's personal. Tailored to your needs and circumstances - from someone who knows what you're capable of.

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Trigger happy - our guide to email automation success

It can be all too easy to become trigger happy with email marketing.

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Battle of the sexes: The role of gender shopping preferences

Data on gender-based shopping preferences is both interesting and valuable information that can be used by anyone selling products online. Utilising..

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Why does email personalisation matter so much for closing sales?

We don’t often receive physical mail as much as we used to, and even when we do it’s mostly limited to bills, notices, random packages from eBay and..

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