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SMS marketing - reaching the people you never knew you were missing

It may be hard to believe but in the UK, 34% of adults don’t own a smartphone – meaning they don’t have instant access to email, social media or other..

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By Becky Hesilrige In SMS Marketing Posted April 09, 2015

5 Benefits of SMS Marketing

These days, most companies' marketing budgets are tight - to say the least. This means every single channel used has to have clear benefits and a..

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By Pure360 Blogger Extraordinaire In SMS Marketing Posted April 01, 2015

SMS marketing why it works

Why is it popular?

SMS marketing is getting more popular all the time

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By Michelle Wright In SMS Marketing, SMS marketing Posted March 29, 2012

SMS marketing is popular due to its scarceness

SMS marketing is a popular yet massively underrated method of notifying consumers of special offers, according to a new poll.

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